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Portfolios: Large US Companies

The 10 Largest companies (excluding big tech, finance, oil, and pharma) See this pie on M1 Finance.Up 134% in the last 5 years, beating the market by 46%.Excluding tech giants like Apple and Microsoft and Big Oil like Exxon and Chevron could provide a bit of an economic buffer during a downturn. Excluding big pharma,Continue reading “Portfolios: Large US Companies”

Portfolios to Beat the Market

IRAs for young people (especially tax-advantaged accounts like ROTHs) should ideally leverage high growth asset classes. Here are some portfolio blends that could offer a good balance of growth and value, and could beat the overall market in some conditions. To beat the S&P 500 (the gold standard, according to Warren Buffet), a portfolio needsContinue reading “Portfolios to Beat the Market”

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